Guadua Bamboo Plantation USA Colombia Free Trade Agreement Bamboo Pulp is the New Non-Wood Fibre Rapid Renewable Resource for the Paper & Pulp Industry

All our Bamboo chips are derived from sustainable harvesting of bamboo plantations. Chipping and debarking is done in the forest or at the mill.

We can meet any sizing and quality specification. In order to ensure the highest quality, our Bamboo chips are regularly tested according to standards for moisture, sizing, bark content, rot, and ash content.

Homogeneity of feedstock and consistency of our end product are our highest priorities.

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Resent studies conducted by the EU indicate that Bamboo depending on the humidity contains 15% more BTU than others bio fuel woods and that could therefore serve as an alternative fuel for energy.

Bio-Oil is the Green substitute alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Posses clean burning, and is a CO2 Neutral Fuel.