Guadua Bamboo Plantation USA Colombia Free Trade Agreement Bamboo Pulp is the New Non-Wood Fibre Rapid Renewable Resource for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Bamboo Plantation Project:

(Colombia,S. America)

Bamboo a Neotropics Genus is a rapid renewable source that grows naturally in the regions of Colombia : Antioquia, Caldas, Cauca, Cundinamarca, Huila, Quindío, Risaralda, Tolima, y Valle de el Cauca. (50,000-60,000 ha) While bamboo has been used by human beings all around the world for thousands of years, the plants potential substitute for slower-growing woods species in a vast modern commercial uses has only recently been recognized.
Research shows that in Colombia bamboo is often used for building homes, bridges, water reserves, and handcrafts. Not often used commercially. Also, shows that when planted and managed correctly it could improve the local economies, increase labor, provide better quality of life for the local families, reduces erosion, improve the soils, and cleans the environment by sequestrating 4 Times more CO2, and releasing 35% more Oxygen.
In Colombia, there are many marginal private and public lands available in areas affected by flooding and by erosion that need be brought into production through the negotiation of long term concessions with private growers, and with the support of the Colombian government. (CIF Ley 139 de 1994). In Colombia, properties are relatively cheaper than many local smaller farms; therefore, net profits will be better with bamboo plantations there. Start your Bamboo Plantation in Colombia with $30,000 USD/Acre.

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