Guadua Bamboo Plantation USA Colombia Free Trade Agreement Bamboo Pulp is the New Non-Wood Fibre Rapid Renewable Resource for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Bio-Pulp Production :

(Bio-Fibre Bales)

Bamboo as a new rapid renewable fiber resource will succeed in the paper industry. There are many benefits to using a non-wood fiber currently, the paper industry uses at least 90% wood chips for its fiber source, Wood chips are the bi-products of the timber industry.

Bamboo Fiber functions the same as wood fiber in pulping & paper manufacturing. Bamboo is a dense fiber that can be chipped similar to wood, it is important to clarify that bamboo is not the only non-wood fibre that can work in paper manufacturing. But Bamboo has very important qualities that make a great non-wood fiber source.

Bamboo Pulp is Carbon Neutral (CO2 Neutral) cost less than wood pulp has superior functions, and the desirable image. Bamboo is a grass and if marketed successfully could help paper makers offer consumers a sustainable product that offers increases benefits over recycled paper products.

The Bamboo Fibers are characterized for been thin & long, and constitute between 40-50% of the total fibre tissue, and between 60-70% of the weight of the Culm. During the second and third period of life, a Bamboo (3-6 years) produces a value of 73.9% fibers in percentage (%) of the thickness of the full stem.

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