Guadua Bamboo Plantation USA Colombia Free Trade Agreement Bamboo Pulp is the New Non-Wood Fibre Rapid Renewable Resource for the Paper & Pulp Industry

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The main raw material used to manufacture the BIO-PULP is Bamboo Fibre . The Bamboo fibers are characterized for been thin & long. Bamboo is a dense fiber that can be chipped similar to wood. Bamboo Chips are also harvested from plantations, & bamboo farms established for the specific purpose of growing bamboo. Bamboo is the New Rapid Renewable Fibre Resource available for the North American and European Paper Industry.
There are many benefits to using a non-wood fiber. Currently, the paper industry uses at least 90% wood chips for its fiber source. The paper industry should move away from a dependency on wood chips, and wood pulp. The regulations on the timber industry and the high cost of replanting, and cutting forest steadily increases the price of wood chips. Bamboo takes three years to grow to maturity, but it generates itself so a third of a crop can be cut every year to keep a sustainable annual harvest.
Bamboo Pulp is the non-wood fiber solution for the Paper makers, with the right and effective marketing, Bio-Pulp can be presented to consumers as a way to manufacture paper products with less chemicals, and also brings differentiated products that can add value to the paper industry.

It is time the paper industry takes real steps towards environmental conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Bio Pulp is the Real Solution !

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