Guadua Bamboo Plantation USA Colombia Free Trade Agreement Bamboo Pulp is the New Non-Wood Fibre Rapid Renewable Resource for the Paper & Pulp Industry

Bio-Oil Extraction :

(Bio Fuel Feed Stock)

The Renewable Green Clean & Cheap Oil Is not an oil in traditional sense, Bio Oil or " Black Liquor as Called in some Asian Countries" is a liquid biomass with molecular composition that resembles feed stock, posses a clean burning, and is a carbon dioxide neutral fuel.

Fast Pyrolysis Oil, AKA Bio-Crude Oil can be co-fired in furnaces, boilers, gas turbines, and diesel engines. Bio -oil is the Green Substitute alternative to conventional fossil fuels in power generation for now.

Resent studies conducted by the EU indicate that Bamboo depending on the humidity contains 15% more BTU than others biomassl woods and that could therefore serve as an alternative fuel for energy. Extracted by a method called Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oil is a carbon neutral renewable source of energy production. Moreover the greenhouse gas and NOx nad SOx emissions are negligible compared for fossil fuels.

The most popular conversion method is called Thermo-Chemical Gasification, this is a well developed method to produce Gas Which can be further process to produce liquid fuels. In addition, gasification can be utilized for the production of heat or power. The major products of Pyrolysis are Char, Oil Liquid & Gas.

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